3D STEM High School Building Passaic County Tech

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Would be client calls asking for a 3D Render within one week. They have a presentation next Monday with the Municipal Council. They ask if we can deliver?
Web Epoch accepts the challenge. We receive engineering CAD files to start, more files next day and even more detailed landscape topology files over the weekend. Feedback and extreme pressure competed during the weekend while working diligently with details. 

We use the CAD files to create 3D accurate model of the STEM High School building. We paid attention to the topology details that formed the slanted landscape into the hilltop. We visualized all the details of the building, glass, exterior, rooftop, walkways and the parking lot to get a real life feel of the proposed development of the new STEM High School Building at Passaic County Technical Institute.

Project Details

  • 3D Architectural Visualization

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