3D Visualization for Quicker Municipal Council Approval

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3D Visualization for Quicker Municipal Council Approval

Real Estate Developers and Architects face growing challenges to get Municipal Council approval quickly. Web epoch solves this dilemma by providing Architectural Exterior & Interior render including walk-trough or fly-through video.

 One of our most recent project was to create a 3D Model of a commercial Architectural building in Jersey City. Web Epoch first created the architectural model from a 2D CAD drawing file provided by the Real Estate Developer’s Architect.  We then rendered the architectural exterior with precise texture metal surface, bricks, windows, roof railings, doors and the base foundation with historical stone* inherent to Jersey City. We also provided realistic model of the street, bike path, sidewalks, trees and shrubs around the building’s perimeter.

Our client requested further enhancements by including a Roof Garden and the elevator that goes to the roof patio. 

The building is a six story apartment complex with commercial Retail space on the first floor. The neighborhood building are only 3 stories. In order to provide proof that the proposed buildings would not block daily sunlight, we created a Light Study to demonstrate this. Using our 3D software, we setup GPS coordinate using the street Latitude & Longitude location in Jersey City. We created two studies; one for June 2016 and other for December 2016 and created a time lapse video from 6 am to 6 pm showing the shadow cast of the two proposed buildings onto the existing neighborhood buildings.

Both the 3D Architectural Exterior Render and the Light Studies provided critical 3D Visualization evidence for the non-technical Municipal Council that resulted in getting approval votes. Larger printed posters and 17 x 11 handouts were used as part of the presentation delivered to the municipal council for this $10 million project.

Another multi-million dollars’ project required 3D Visualization in order to convey the message to the parties involved for decision making. Our client was having difficulty explaining that the proposed roadway will not be visible to the people in the campground because the roadway is cut 30 feet deep through the mountain. Our 3D Topology models provided graphic visualization to illustrate this proposed roadway cut through the mountain. In addition to 3D printed topology images, Web Epoch produced a fly-over HD Video covering the entire length of the proposed roadway. Finally, Web Epoch provided a 3D Printed model that took 65 hours having a size of 24” x 24” x 6” as physical evidence to support the proposed roadway. Our client provided an excellent testimonial because our 3D Images, 3D Video fly-over and 3D printed model help them get approval from the property owner and Municipal Council.

Another project for the same client was created in 2015 also included 3D Topology model for Municipal Council approval. The unique requirement was to show what the topology will look 50 years in the future. Our client presented the 3D Visualization of the current topology and a 2nd image showing 3D Visualization of the same topology 50 years in the future as work progressed in the stone Quarry.  Our client was very pleased because our 3D Visualization Render work got them Municipal Council approval.

For more information on how we can create 3D Visualization Render for your next project, please call Rajiv Prasad at 973-335-7775.