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Web Design & Application Development

Web design and web application development have undergone exciting changes over the past 20+ years. It has been amazing to experience two decades of innovation that resulted in our flagship product, Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management System with an intelligent PowerPoint Slide Library. We have spent a decade developing our web app and, now, our iPad app, for the enterprise will be launching soon. It took over 1,500 hours to develop the 1.0 release of the iPad app.   

Our web design produces B2B websites for clients. We do web development programming to create pages that are beautiful and optimized with keywords, tags, and content for prominence. During the web design process, we create page layout mockups in PhotoShop for your review. Graphically accurate home page designs, inside pages, and product layouts provide our clients with opportunities to interact during the ideation. Once the web design is approved by you, we proceed to the web development phase. We do CSS programming to create a style and theme to bring your approved web design dynamic to life. We create databases, write custom code, and create layouts to shape a unique look and feel for your brand.  

When your web design architecture is complete, we're ready to create pages and populate them with content. You will be working in parallel to create fresh content for your new, professional B2B website. If you wish, we can create many types of content for you such as web pages, explainer video animation, articles, press releases, infographics posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.  

We begin on-page SEO for each web page you have with optimized content, images, and meta tags. We do this optimization by performing keyword research and competitive analysis to select the best achievable keywords for you. Once selected, these keywords or key phrases are used in the meta tags required to achieve top placement. A significant amount of thought goes into this process and requires ongoing attention to monitor its success in the search index over time.

Keywords don’t jump to first page as some wishfully think. A top SERP, or search engine results page, is achieved with great content authority and time. SEO is equally important in web design because if only a few users are visiting your web property, then your website has little value. Your B2B website is a money-making machine that generates leads, which allow you to acquire your biggest clients.  

Imagine you’re at the final stage of your B2B website design project and preparing for launch. You are satisfied with the SEO on every page, and you give the green light to go live.

Your professional B2B website is launched successfully, and friends and colleagues congratulate you. Your webmaster is monitoring the search queries in the Google Webmaster dashboard and provides you with your first report. Armed with prior consultation, you either submit an article or have us produce content for post-launch marketing.

Once your B2B website is launched, you must publish authoritative content for your market. This is called off-page SEO and requires a variety of original content to be written and published across many authoritative websites such as LinkedIn, SlideShare, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social, article, and PR sites.

We create and post engaging content for your B2B website to bring awareness to you brand.
We employ a meticulous process of cross-link building for choice keywords that benefit your business by getting indexed in search engines. When your business publishes quality content, the search engines reward you website with higher ranking. We monitor, revise, and tweak keywords and content, climbing higher on the search engine results page until we reach page one and then the #1 placement in Google Search.