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Which CMS Website is best for my business? I you are entertaining this question lately, the you are in the company of website designers with answers to help your business to succeed. Web Epoch website development include Drupal CMS, WordPress CMS, and PhP. All three platforms use mySQL database for storing content and backend operations.

I wrote this CMS website comparison article earlier as a comparison with examples covering the three; Drupal CMS, WordPress CMS, and PhP platforms.

The first type of CMS Website is “Custom built” where we develop the front end, back-end and the Administration module from scratch using PHP programming language and  mySQL database. The administration part imn Drupal and WordPress is already built in and available for customization, saving you thousands of dollars in website design and web application development cost.

Next, Drupal CMS is a very powerful open source content management system but requires an experienced developer to build custom world class, dynamic Websites and Web Applications that position your growing business for success.

The third Website CMS is called WordPress which is an easy to use content management system for your blogs, publishing portals and small business websites. If you are not looking for solution with many custom features than WordPress may be a good choice for your requirements.