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Custom Software Development

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Desktop and SaaS Application Development

Our Custom Software Development include MS SQL or MySQL database based on on your preference for .Net or PhP platform. You Web application is critical to your business operation and success.

There are three flavors of custom software development Web Epoch offers; Desktop, Web, Mobile and SaaS. Let's look at each one more closely.

Our client General Electronics requested that we develop for desktop application using MS Access database and visual basic programming language. For this client it was important for them to work offline with a small group in the office and in the field using their laptop.

For iClickPoint presentation management system we used HTML 5 for custom software development to produce a presentation builder application for the iPad and Tablets. 

The Custom software development process to build a SasS (software as a service) application requires through planning, testing and maintenance on an on-going basis. The architecture is critical for SaaS application success as user bases starts to grow and simultaneous usage instances increases with time. By developing for the cloud platform, we can safely increase the SaaS application capability to handle exponential growth from 1000 user to million users simply by making choices of options in  our administration panel. Therefore you can sleep at night because Web Epoch has you business and users covered.

As a software consulting company, we pay close attention to details of your day to day business operation. We then take these steps and automate them to increase your team productivity and ultimately reduce business operations cost. We can measure these cost saving, however you will recognize the immediate benefits, if you are the chief operating officer and the application user.

Our custom web development strategy include lean software development  for your business application.