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Web Application Development

Web Application Development requires a clear and refined requirements from you, the client. So many times we get leads or referrals looking for a web application development for their existing business or a new venture with no specification, only an idea. The shortcoming we face is that the development process education usually shocks the potential client with realistic cost for technology services. 

Consider these Web application development requirements including; user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, architecture, database design and hosting platform for instant growth from 1,000 to 1,000,000 users with ease.  A mission critical web application requires daily and weekly support to maintain, update, enhance by adding code to meet user's demand for features and functions that make their daily work process easier.

A well crafted web application empowers the user to be efficiently productive, earning their loyalty and even turn them into fans & evangelist.

We follow these eight steps in web application development process:

  1. Requirements Ananlysis
  2. Concept Development
  3. Prototype Design
  4. UX & UI Design
  5. Database Design & Coding
  6. QA & Testing
  7. Deployment / Go Live
  8. Hosting & Maintenance

Let's us share with you some of the web applications developed for our clients.

First, the SecureInsight web application is developed in Drupal 6  and integrated with SugarCRM. Web Epoch maintains this website on a weekly basis by providing mission critical support for our client. We also developed QuickCheck, a Drupal 7 CMS based web application for risk management that process thousands of application.  The web application also has workflow that manages how and who is working on an application at any given time. These Drupal CMS based web applications require advanced development methodology for creating custom module that are complex in nature. However when properly developed the web application streamlines the business process that increase productivity and reduce overall operations costs.  

Secondly we would like to share with you a WordPress CMS web application developed for Lakeland Bus Lines called Tour Manager.

Finally we want to share the StocksandNews.com web application that is used for new publishing developed in raw PhP and mySQL database.